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WordPress Blog Redesign and Security Fixes for in California


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Redesigning and Securing the BlackExcellencecom Blog is a WordPress-based blog facing several technical issues, including malware-embedded URLs, low-quality engagement, and slow website performance. – WordPress Blog Redesign and Security Fixes for The blog owner reached out to us for help fixing these issues and improving the overall user experience on the site.

Project Challenges

1. The Real-Time Find inserted tons of comments and Replaced plugins that slowed down page load time and caused harm to the site’s revenue.

2. Placeholders were turned off on the site, leading to low engagement and slow performance.

3. A high percentage of low-quality engagement was above the recommended threshold.

4. Mobile posts were not working.

5. AMP pages were causing low engagement and needed to be removed.

What I Did

1. Remove the Real-Time Find and Replace plugin and optimize the settings with the Leap team to improve the site’s performance.

2. Re-enabling placeholders on the site to improve performance and increase revenue.

3. Utilizing a bot fight service eliminates low-quality engagement and secures the site against malware.

4. Remove AMP pages and replace them with mobile pages for a better user experience.

5. Working with the site speed person and Ezoic to get the site back to its optimal state.

New Website Benefits

By implementing these changes, I significantly improve the performance and user experience on

The site loads faster, has higher engagement, and is more secure against malware and low-quality traffic.

The blog owner was pleased with the results and saw an increase in revenue.


I improved the overall performance and user experience on by identifying and fixing the underlying technical issues. The blog owner was able to achieve the results they wanted, and we were able to deliver a high-quality solution that met their needs.

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