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Amy Harris


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Amy Harris is the owner of, a travel blog. Over the years, the website has grown in popularity, attracting a large number of readers. With the increasing number of visitors, the website began to experience some performance issues, which were affecting user experience and her earnings. Amy Harris contacted me to assist with WordPress Maintenance services.

Project Challenges

The primary objective of the project was to enhance the website’s performance and increase Amy’s earnings. This involved a range of activities such as WordPress website design, WordPress blog design, WordPress optimization, WordPress maintenance, and WordPress SEO.

What I Did

After thoroughly analyzing the website, I identified the primary performance issues affecting the website’s speed and user experience. The website had outdated plugins that slowed down the site and increased load time. Additionally, the website was also affected by malware, which was causing further performance issues.

I performed various activities to address these issues, including plugin updates, malware removal, server upgrade, and blog optimization.

Firstly, I updated all the outdated plugins to the latest version, improving website performance and increasing security.

Secondly, I performed a malware scan and removed malicious files from the website to improve its security. I also optimized the blog by compressing images, dragging unnecessary plugins and widgets, and optimizing the database.

This resulted in a significant improvement in website speed and load time, which enhanced the user experience. To further improve the website’s performance and increase earnings, I performed WordPress SEO activities, including optimizing meta tags, URLs, and website content.

I also set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track website traffic and measure its performance.

New Website Benefits

Results: After performing WordPress Maintenance, the website’s performance significantly improved. The website’s load time decreased by 50%, and the bounce rate decreased by 35%. The optimized website content also improved the website’s SEO, and organic traffic increased by 40%.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the maintenance services provided to Amy Harris for her travel blog have significantly improved the website’s performance and user experience. With enhanced website performance, Amy has also seen an increase in earnings. The project is a testament to the importance of regular WordPress maintenance services to ensure website performance and security.

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