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WordPress Malware & Error Fix for Lesuif Skincare in Houston


Abril B.


WordPress WooCommerce Debug, Elementor Pro


WordPress Bug Fixes


Skin Care

WordPress Website Malware and Error Correction for Lesuif Skincare

Lesuif Skincare is a small business specializing in natural and organic products.

Project Challenges

The owner, Abril B., contacted me on Upwork for assistance with her WordPress website, as it had been infected with malware and was experiencing several errors and broken links.

What I Did

Objective: The project aimed to clean up the WordPress website, remove the malware, and correct all errors and broken links. Additionally, Abril requested a few code changes to display “Sold Out” on products once they were no longer in stock.

Methodology: I began by scanning the WordPress website to determine the scope of the errors and malware. I then used a combination of manual cleanup and specialized software to remove the malware and correct any errors. I also implemented the requested code changes to display “Sold Out” on out-of-stock products.

New Website Benefits

Results: The WordPress website was successfully cleaned up, and removed all malware. All errors and broken links were corrected, and the “Sold Out” feature was implemented. Abril was delighted with the results, and her website ran smoothly.

Conclusion: This project was a great success, and I was able to help Abril get her WordPress website back on track. Implementing the requested changes makes the website more user-friendly and can better serve its customers. Working with Abril was a pleasure, and I look forward to working with her again.

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