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WordPress Editing Project for TRUTAJ Gloves Website


Darryl Abrahms


Divi, FlexSlider


WordPress Editing


Gloves, Wear

WordPress Editing Project for TRUTAJ Gloves Website

The client, Darryl Abrahms, owns the TRUTAJ Gloves Website. Darryl is really great to work with. He is easygoing, smart, and, overall, an excellent client. He has extensive knowledge of ecommerce as he has various ecommerce stores. He is also very adept at Affiliate Marketing. I have learned a lot from him.

Project Challenges

He wanted to run an ad campaign on a specific page of their website, but they could not edit the text and images on that page. This was causing damage to their ad campaign.

What I Did

I was hired through Upwork by Darryl Abrahms to edit the text and images on the page by logging into the client’s WordPress dashboard and making the necessary changes.

Steps were taken: 1. I accessed the client’s WordPress dashboard and navigated to the page.

2. I located the text and image elements that needed to be edited and made the necessary changes.

3. I previewed the changes to ensure they were correct and made any final adjustments.

4. I saved the changes and logged out of the WordPress dashboard.


New Website Benefits

Results: The client was able to run their ad campaign successfully on the desired page, and they saw an increase in conversions as a result. The client was delighted with the results and could edit the page without issues.

Feedback: Darryl Abrahms was very satisfied with my work and left positive feedback on Upwork: “Paul helped me promptly with excellent proficiency and a great attitude. Thanks for your professional help.”

Conclusion: This project highlighted the importance of quickly editing and updating website content to run ad campaigns effectively. It also demonstrated the effectiveness of using WordPress as a content management system for small business websites and the convenience of using platforms like Upwork to find and hire skilled professionals to complete the job.

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