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WordPress Design & Development for Blog With GeneratePress


Kyle Anacker


Generate Block, Generate Press


Theme Development


Tungsten Blog, Research Blog

Research Blog Development with WordPress GeneratePress Generate Blocks

TungstenZone is a blog website focusing on content creation related to tungsten products such as tungsten rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry items. Kyle Anacker, the owner of TungstenZone, had an existing website built on a different platform. However, he was looking for a more user-friendly design that would allow him to showcase his content better and provide a smoother user experience for his readers.


Project Challenges

The purpose of this case study is to showcase the GeneratePress/Generate Block Quick Design/Development project developed for Kyle Anacker’s blog website, The goal was to create a user-responsive design that would function optimally on desktop and mobile devices. The GeneratePress/Generate Block system was selected as the platform for this project due to its versatility and ease of use.

What I Did


To address TungstenZone’s challenges, we decided to develop a new design using the GeneratePress/Generate Block system. The first step was to comprehensively analyze the existing website, including its design and functionality.
We then created a new design incorporating a more user-friendly layout, using better white space and larger images. We also ensured that the new design was optimized for mobile devices, with a responsive layout that adjusted to the screen size of each device.
We integrated several plugins and features to improve the website’s functionality, including Yoast SEO for search engine optimization and W3 Total Cache for improved website performance and speed.
We also focused on the website’s overall security by installing a security plugin and optimizing the website’s backend with necessary security measures.

New Website Benefits

Results: The new design and development using the GeneratePress/Generate Block system have provided TungstenZone with a significantly improved online presence.

The new design is more user-friendly and responsive, with improved functionality, leading to a higher engagement rate.

Since the launch of the new website, there has been a noticeable increase in website traffic, with a higher percentage of visitors staying on the website for extended periods. TungstenZone has also seen a positive response from its readers regarding the improved user experience.

Conclusion: The GeneratePress/Generate Block Quick Design/Development project for TungstenZone succeeded, with the new design significantly improving user experience and functionality.

The website’s optimized performance on both desktop and mobile devices has resulted in increased website traffic and higher engagement rates.

The GeneratePress/Generate Block system has proven to be an effective platform for creating user-responsive designs that meet the needs of businesses looking to improve their online presence.

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