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Education and Consulting WordPress Website Design in Chicago


Meghan Hargrave


Elementor, ACF


WordPress Website Redesign


Education and Consulting

WordPress Website Design for Education and Consulting Website for Meghan

This case study details the successful transition of Meghan’s website from an outdated Tricon WordPress template to a more user-friendly Elementor design, enabling her to independently manage and update her site. Meghan, struggling with updating content on her WordPress site built with the Tricon template, reached out for assistance to improve her website’s manageability and functionality.

Project Challenges

  • To migrate Meghan’s website to the Elementor WordPress platform for ease of content management.
  • To enhance the site’s design and user experience.

What I Did

  1. Consultation: Understanding Meghan’s difficulties with the Tricon template.
  2. Assessment: Evaluating the limitations of the current website.
  3. Transition Proposal: Suggesting a move to the Elementor platform.
  4. Implementation: Migrating and redesigning the website on Elementor, ensuring a seamless transition.
  5. Training: Empowering Meghan with the skills to update her website independently.

New Website Benefits

  • User Independence: Meghan can now effortlessly update her website.
  • Updated Design: The website features a modern, intuitive design.
  • Increased Self-Sufficiency: Reduced reliance on external technical assistance.


Meghan’s website transition to Elementor significantly improved its manageability and aesthetics, highlighting the importance of choosing a user-friendly content management system for website owners without technical backgrounds.

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